Pentagon contractors worked in Ukrainian biolabs under $80 million program


    Leaked documents give new information about the Pentagon program in biolaboratories in Ukraine. According to internal documents, Pentagon contractors were given full access to all Ukrainian biolaboratories while independent experts were denied even a visit. The new revelations challenge the US government statement that the Pentagon just funded biolaboratories in Ukraine but had nothing to do with them.

    Last week US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland confirmed that “Ukraine has biological research facilities” and the US is worried that “those research materials” may fall into the Russian hands. What “research materials” were studied in these biolaboratories and why are US officials so worried that they may fall into Russian hands?

    The Pentagon activities in Ukrainian biolabs were funded by the Defense Threat Reduction agency (DTRA). DTRA allocated $80 million for biological research in Ukraine as of 30 July 2020, according to information obtained from the US Federal contracts registry. The US company Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. was tasked with the program.

    The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) awarded Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. an $80 million contract under the Biological Threat Reduction Program (BTRP) in Ukraine in 2020.

    Pentagon contractors given full access to Ukrainian biolabs

    The Ukrainian biolabs were accessible to Pentagon contractors but not to independent experts, according to internal documents published on Reddit by an alleged former employee of the Ukrainian ministry of health. The US company Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. was given full access to freely operate in all biolabs in Ukraine that were engaged in biological research activities under the DTRA program, according to a letter dated 2 July 2019 from the Ukrainian minister of health to DTRA in Ukraine.

    A letter dated 2 July 2019 from the Ukrainian minister of health Ylana Suprun to DTRA in Ukraine gives Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. full access to all biolaboratories in Ukraine involved in the US military biological research program. Ylana Suprun is an American national and was conferred Ukrainian citizenship by former president Petro Poroshenko in 2015.

    Ukraine rejected proposal for public control over the Pentagon-funded biolabs

    While Pentagon contractors were given full access to all biolabs involved in the DTRA program, independent experts were denied such access under the pretext that these biolabs were working with especially dangerous pathogens. According to a leaked letter, the Ministry of health of Ukraine denied experts from the scientific journal “Problems of innovation and investment development” access to the Pentagon-funded biolaboratories. The ministry rejected the proposal made by the scientific journal and did not allow independent public control group of experts to supervise these biolaboratories.

    “The Ministry of Health of Ukraine considers it inappropriate to create a working group for public control and it is not possible to allow members of the group to enter the premises of laboratories of especially dangerous infections of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”, according to a letter dated 21 October 2016 from the Ukrainian Deputy Minister for European Integration Oksana Sivak to the scientific journal “Problems of innovation and investment development”.

    Another DTRA contractor that operated in Ukraine was CH2M Hill. The American company was awarded a $22.8 million contract (2020-2023) for the reconstruction and equipment of two new biolaboratories:  the State Scientific Research Institute of Laboratory Diagnostics and Veterinary-Sanitary Expertise (Kyiv ILD) and the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection Regional Diagnostic Laboratory (Odesa RDL). According to leaked documents, CH2MHill was tasked with an $11.6 million program “Countering Especially Dangerous Pathogen Threats in Ukraine”.

    German-Ukrainian project on bird flu 

    German and Ukrainian scientsist conducted biological research on especially dangerous pathogens in birds (2019-2020). The project was implemented by the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine (Kharkov) and the Friedrich Lerfler Institute (Greifswatd, Germany). According to the project’s description, the main goal of this project was to carry out sequencing of orthomyxoviruses (causative agents of avian flu) genomes, as well to discover new viruses in birds.

    According to the Russian ministry of defense, DTRA funded a similar project in Ukraine UP-4 in 2020. The project’s goal was to research the potential of especially dangerous pathogens to be transmitted via migratory birds, including the highly pathogenic H5N1 flu, whose lethality for humans can reach 50%, as well as Newcastle disease. The use of migratory birds for possible delivery of pathogens was a major research program between Smithsonian Institute and the US Department of Defense in the past.

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    1. Well done to you Dilyana.
      Don’t let the fuggers dismiss what you have to say and try to shut you up as they’ve tried to do over the past 6 – 7 years!
      From Ireland.

    2. Dilyana, Excellent digging again. I edited together a thirteen minute video with your new article here featured and will be sending out to all my platforms on Thursday. I incleded the video segment of you asking the US State Department head that question about the bio-weapon labs in the EU and then chasing them on the elevator. Classic. I will tag you in my Tweet when I share it. Much love and stay safe. Mark in Toronto, Canada.

    3. Great research Dilyana. And not for the first time. I remember your work on Porton Down and the animal experiments. And your blog pointing out that the Skripals were taken into hospital with Fentanyl poisoning.

      All these experimental chemical facilities need removing from the planet. Thanks for your work.

    4. Dear Dilyana, I just watched your documentary ‘Diplomatic Viruses’ via I am a 63 year old grandmother from Belgium. I have been bitten by ticks and have been ill now for 10 years, very SEVERELY ill. My daughter too and her baby, born whilst my daughter had already Lyme disease, is now too struggling with immune problems. I can not tell you how gratefull I am for your courage and stamina! We are living on a planet which is slowly being annihilated by stupid, dumb, mediocre and vile men. If we, women, will not stand up to this, life in all its forms will stop! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR WORK!!


    5. Hi Dilyana,

      Your work is incredible, we know how true your words are and how serious they are in the current covid crisis,

      I hope people will be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and get the final picture,

      So, for those of your readers who are interested, we have made a French translation and therefore another copy of the article ; )

      Thanks a lot,


      Des contractants du Pentagone ont travaillé dans des biolabs ukrainiens dans le cadre d’un programme de 80 millions de dollars (

    6. Ich hab von dieser Seite noch nicht so viel gelesen. Aber mir ist jetzt schon spey-übel ….
      WIE können Menschen so grausam sein??? Bio-Waffen gehören eigentlich zu den geächteten Waffen, genauso wie Versuche an Menschen (und das müsste auch für Tiere gelten!!!) Ich weiß nicht, wie viele Staaten diese Abkommen unterzeichnet hatten.
      Eigentlich werden wir von einer kleinen Minderheit als Menschheit wie absolut rechtlose Sklaven gehalten. Warum ist das immer noch möglich???? > Weil eine nicht zu unterschätzende Masse an Menschen (10 % – 20 % ???) aktiv!!! mitmachen. Andere üben den blinden Gehorsam aus (Deutschland ist da fast einsame Spitze darin … > Gehirnlos ????) Die Meisten wollen das aber erst gar nicht wissen. Wenn die meisten Menschen diese Vogelstrauß-Anwandlung weiter zelebrieren, wrerden sie in der ansoluten Sklaverei (NWO) oder aber gleich in einem Sarg wieder erwachen! Und die, die das alles mitgestalten > Ist denen noch zu helfen?????

      WIR sind eine Menschenfamilie! Behandle jedes Wesen so, wie Du selbst gerne behandelst werden möchtest!!
      Wie weit ist die Menscheit von dieser absoluten Grundregel menschlichen Zusammenkebens entfernt!!!???
      Man muss sich für all diese Mitläufer zu tiefst schämen …..

      Liebe Dilyana, DANKE für Deinen Mut und Deine Arbeit! Die Welt muss all diese Wahrheiten erfahren – Jeder und wenn es noch so schmerzt!! Sonst wird es nie ein Ende nehmen können!

    7. Hello, I seen your Bitchute video on the Ukranian biolab documents and to come to your site. Thankyou. You have so much information and I have already shared a few things with others they had never seen before and they have been researching information for a couple of years. You are doing an amazing job! Stay safe x

    8. Dear Dilyana

      Thank you on behalf of all of us for your amazing and great work you are doing to rescue us and our planet from these obviously mentally unstable people. Folowing dr Vanda Shiva and many others (Snowden, Julian Assange) we know that there is a deep and evil state undermining live on earth and the divine creation of earth. Its time we act and stop supporting those that steal from us , including our loved ones and beautiful planet. May God/ Allah bless you as you will always remain causde the ,erit will inherit the earth


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